Download Skyrim and Elder scrolls for FREE

elder_scrolls_v_skyrimSome people really crave to play this game on their computer. And for some really go the distance just to have it installed and then updated. Skyrim is an excellent game when it comes to action-RPG and survival. It is also compared to the famous and now popular game entitled, Minecraft. This game is also like those other games which feature a first person view or a third person view. Ranging from these different views are the three different kinds of views a player can choose from. Players can choose, from first, to second, and to the third person view. Just like Minecraft, it features a lot of adventures and quest which you have to go through the story of the main character you are and have chosen. Enough with Minecraft comparisons, Skyrim focuses greatly on the story and the biography of the main character especially the persons and quests he/she went through. The game also features a back-to-medieval time or a blast in the past fields and sceneries. Furthermore, the characters and other people that will be featured in the game are also the people that will either help you or hinder you from progressing your quests and adventures. Another factor that also makes the game a more like those medieval and a time where kingdoms flourish is the dragons! Some stories we would hear are the stories that tells a story of a princess being guarded by the dragon, but not this game. This game presents dragons as your enemy, a hostile creature, and a source of power whenever you kill it.

At the start of the game, you will be routed to create your character after and throughout some short dialogues and gore scenes. Among everything and before everything starts, you need to choose a race for your character, and each race affects the growth of skills and magic of each characters. Also, the three main types never disappear, which are, namely; the warrior type, the stealth type, and the mage type. Three of which are divided and classified onto the different races. Now, naming the different races is not troublesome at all. If you have played some previous action-RPG games or just a simple RPG game, then the characters have mages and archers containing them. The races are, namely;

Warrior type:

Nords, Orsimer (Orcs), Imperials, and Redguards

Stealth and Archer type:

Bosmer (Wood elves), Argonians (Reptile-humanoids), and Khajiit (Beast-humanoids)

Mage type:

Altmer (High Elves), Dunmer (Dark elves), and Bretons


Of all these races, the player can freely grow and level up the skills to progress through the game. Moreover, the player can equip on whatever weapon as long as he/she is satisfied with the game play. Just a reminder for children under the age of 18 years old, they should not be advised to play this game since it contains gore and other adult material inside. Other than that, when they do play it, make sure there is a parental guidance always by their side. Lastly, the best option to know and to suffice to your expectations is to really play the game. Moreover, just survive the game and avoid violating people’s rights—yes, people also have rights in this game.

After this epic description of the game, I’m pretty sure you would love to download it for free. Well, it’s easy. Go on to Google and search for its UTorrent! After you have successfully done that, you are free to install and enjoy the game. Hey, we don’t need to make this one long, it’s pretty simple.

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